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voyage through the cosmos by bakanoechi voyage through the cosmos :iconbakanoechi:bakanoechi 3 0 nostalgia by bakanoechi nostalgia :iconbakanoechi:bakanoechi 0 4 sea slaughter by bakanoechi sea slaughter :iconbakanoechi:bakanoechi 0 3 nights music by bakanoechi nights music :iconbakanoechi:bakanoechi 1 0 electro head by bakanoechi electro head :iconbakanoechi:bakanoechi 6 8 freaks by bakanoechi freaks :iconbakanoechi:bakanoechi 1 0
to walk .....
why do you walk ? you may ask me this ...
i walk not because i was told to
not because some divine right has ordered me to
not so i can see god or some higher being
to be enlighten or educated .. no thats not it
i walk not because i have to walk
i have chosen to walk
i walk not because i simply have two legs
and they must be put to use
and that is the nature of herd animals
i walk not because i want to get some where
honestly i have no idea where to go
or where i am now
i just walk
i walk not because i am bored
honestly there are plenty of other things i can do
i walk for no real reason i just walk
just because i can
because my head is full of thoughts
needing to be sorted through and pondered
thoughts and emotions that stay here
inside my head-
to rot and fester-
and walking is the only way i have
to unravel whats in my head and in my heart
i walk because its the easiest thing i can do
i stare around me not in any particular place
just because i listen
listen to the world speak and br
:iconbakanoechi:bakanoechi 0 0
if i say please stop
would you think twice to listen
would you think things through and realize your sin
its not some game thats able to be won
youll sit in your corner locked away in your mind
breaking down on the inside
dont you see its pointless for you to keep on it your addiction ?
isnt it like a drug ? your unable to stop
addicted to my crying face , my bleeding heart
im your drug , your dealer and your addicted
and you cant stop your lustful ways
devour it all , flesh and mind , gluttonous consumption
you shall keep on for all time till now till heart break
do you feel powerful ?
killing me each day .. hurting me
im weak
its the only thing you can control is my pain
stop please stop
make it end
this endless nightmare
i dont want to hurt anymore , not like this at least
feeling numb
im tired of crying now
ill write black lines on blue and white
but each black stripe is pointless
as the pen bleeds its tearful words down
your still killing me
if you want me dead
ill do
:iconbakanoechi:bakanoechi 0 2
sea of lonely by bakanoechi sea of lonely :iconbakanoechi:bakanoechi 1 9
under your mask of make up
lies a truly hideous being
your flesh withers and rots into the dirt
how useless beauty is
money burns in fire
with a hiss it crackles and burns from existence
its ashes blowing in the wind
your words die loosing there meaning
vanishing with the air
being forgotten
no deaf ears hear them
your friends leave you
turning there back
walking away from you
your tears dry out
leaving you empty inside
a hollow person
time eats at all your effort
your not living for fun now
your working to survive
a battle a cruel battle between life and death
how repulsive
fighting like animals
high sex drive
raising the murder rates up
lets burn it all up in flames leaving you in the dark
eat up all the innocent souls
fight over useless things
like money like land
whats there left to fight for
i cant think
when you have nothing
why in the right mind would it matter if you hurt them
when you have lost everything
does it matter
we are all the same
so greedful prideful murderous ignora
:iconbakanoechi:bakanoechi 2 2
bored by bakanoechi bored :iconbakanoechi:bakanoechi 0 0 two faced by bakanoechi two faced :iconbakanoechi:bakanoechi 3 0 smile by bakanoechi smile :iconbakanoechi:bakanoechi 5 7 certified weirdo by bakanoechi certified weirdo :iconbakanoechi:bakanoechi 0 2
the hollow man
he drew out a sharp silver slice , its cold steel glinting in the light , a sharp knife ..
then a thin line with a quick slice
any deeper it would end a life
the boy laughed in pain
so useless , pain , its all in vain
he would cut away every thing he didn't need
no warnings he would heed
he cut and cut cutting away what he didn't care for
he was dead , black , cold and rotten to the core
you could say light left , but it was never there before
not in this boy
he knew nothing , nothing of happiness of joy
each day he cut away what was useless , becoming numb
cutting away emotion , he was now cold
he had no thought , naive and dumb
better not to think , he would cut till he was old
bleeding it away
letting the flesh fall to the ground
he didn't need it any more .. letting it fall to the floor
and each day heed loose him self .. passing away more and more each day
till there was nothing left but a hollow shell of a man
no tears no pain in his mind perfect , a perfect being in the land
:iconbakanoechi:bakanoechi 0 0
not a given right
down on the floor again
drowning in your own pool
of red regret and misery
don't you know the only way out
is cowardly death
its a quick drop then a short stop as it fades to black
when you bleed when you hurt
its not your tears that fall
its not your blood being shed
its not your body your destroying and mutilating
leaving those scars on the surface
letting us deal with it
all of who care
watching you fall apart
and rot from the inside out
it hurts us more then it hurts you
how useless we are
we cant stop you
how selfish you are
saying you have nothing
have you forgotten
your dearest
your closest
are you honestly so blind to not notice
us crying as you bleed out
as you grovel on the ground
as your 6 feet under your own blood
its not your choice to die
its not your body
its not your soul
you believe that this is the only way
believe its the only out
believe it will fix it
but its selfish its cowardly
its not the only way
running wont solve anything
you need to stay strong
you need to s
:iconbakanoechi:bakanoechi 3 3


Sebastian Michaelis - Demon by heart by RomaiLee Sebastian Michaelis - Demon by heart :iconromailee:RomaiLee 853 64 Do you? by Gery18 Do you? :icongery18:Gery18 2 3 Alien by PixieCold Alien :iconpixiecold:PixieCold 2,238 85 line walker by koyamori line walker :iconkoyamori:koyamori 2,386 0 Summon Night - SS2 - Edgar by xdead-shadowx Summon Night - SS2 - Edgar :iconxdead-shadowx:xdead-shadowx 20 33 Brave - Merida by ryky Brave - Merida :iconryky:ryky 1,863 63 Red Coral by SachaKalis Red Coral :iconsachakalis:SachaKalis 4,474 207 love by XxkawaiidesukaxX love :iconxxkawaiidesukaxx:XxkawaiidesukaxX 2 1 Smile Zamary by ZLO96 Smile Zamary :iconzlo96:ZLO96 12 15 cheshire cat by PixieCold cheshire cat :iconpixiecold:PixieCold 4,560 278 Long Shot GIMP Brushes by stormingdance Long Shot GIMP Brushes :iconstormingdance:stormingdance 113 13


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grr things about me i suppose :
1. my favorite colors are red and black
2. i hate short people even though im short
3. i just realized i have an obsession with emo boys and red heads (kuwaii)
4. i hate talking to people i don't know or they aren't funny or are ass wholes
5. i despise the color pink
6. i have psoriasis
7. idiots thought my psoriasis was swine flu and i hate that and im not allowed to wear certain clothes cuz of that
8. i wish i could wear skirts and dresses but i think im ugly so i don't
9. wearing make up makes me feel fake
10. i have a voice fetish  ... and like watching people when they speak

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